Top Teachers Issue Call for Revamped Pay Plans: Wash. Post

Teachers have their own ideas on how they should be paid.

Tired of reports by business executives and Cabinet officers on how to fix U.S. schools, several award-winning teachers produced their own recommendations this month, starting with a major overhaul of how teachers are paid, according to a Washington Post article today.

An excerpt:

The report, sponsored by the Hillsborough, N.C.-based Center for Teaching Quality, said teachers should be able to advance through three tiers — novice, professional and expert — and schools should stop paying teachers more just because they have more years on the job.

“If you don’t have a career ladder that encourages teachers to advance in their profession — and be paid accordingly as they advance — tinkering around the edges by providing $2,000 bonuses for a handful of teachers will not secure the stable, high-quality professional workforce we need,” the teachers said.

In particular, the group said, pay plans should “reward leadership, not seniority.” It said that “qualified teachers who take on additional responsibilities — mentoring novices and peers and preparing new teachers, creating family- and community-outreach programs, serving on advisory councils and the like — should be paid for their time outside the classroom.” And the jobs should go not to the oldest teachers but to the ones with the best classroom results, the group said.

Taking North Carolina as an example, the group suggested an annual pay scale that started at $30,000 for a novice and climbed to $70,000 for an expert. But an expert with extra school improvement responsibilities could make as much as $130,000.

The full report can be found here.

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