More Bond Discussions

Now it’s getting political…as usual.

The proposed half-a-billion-dollar bond referendum brought out some additional speakers at a High Point area forum last night. Board members seem to express support for more upgraded facilities in the southeast quadrant of the county, while political wrangling has begun over building new schools or upgrading existing facilities in High Point. See today’s News & Record.

An excerpt:

High Point parents Joe Oots and Joseph Alston said they supported a bond referendum in general but opposed expanding Southwest High School while Andrews and High Point Central have room for extra students. Kearns said she supported adding classrooms to Southwest to limit the use of mobile classrooms but might nix the proposed airport-area middle and high schools .

“Perhaps we should take care of what we already have,” Kearns said. “The schools in High Point, particularly Welborn and Andrews … there are a lot of good seats there.”

Kearns, who is from High Point, said she fears the biggest challenge to passing a referendum will come from High Point parents who remain upset about previous redistricting efforts in the city.

Garth Hebért , a board member from High Point, said he knows of several hundred parents who will support the referendum because of a decision to allow parents to opt out of a 2006 reassignment plan. “They didn’t need more controversy,” he said.

Some comments: I’m not a fan of the bond mainly on principle. This board does not need more debt and we don’t need to create more debt. I’ve already gone on record on that. I feel the system needs to stop squandering money and stop the downtown waste. But it appears that this bond will eventually go before the voters and I have to respect the will of the people. And we do need new and upgraded facilities, that’s a fact. And it is in High Point where they are needed. If a bond goes before the voters, it needs to have another high school for High Point. Kearns would make a mistake to nix the proposed airport-area schools from the proposal. And seeing as though I’m not a fan of mobile classrooms, I don’t see where expanding Southwest became a poltical hot button for some, particularly from Joe (I’m going to sue the school board for reversing redistricting) Alston.

Anyone know how his litigation efforts are going?

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Hi Erik,

    The Airport schools are not only for SW. They will also provide relief for NW. NW is growing at 100+ kids per year.


  2. You are right, I stand corrected…

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