Educators spar over foreign language requirements: N&O

A News & Observer story reports on how a state DPI committee recently reviewed, and recommended the changing of its high school graduation requirements involving the mandate of foreign language.

See this excerpt:

Foreign language may be out now, but arts and vocational courses may still be in as graduation requirements for North Carolina high school students.

A State Board of Education committee agreed Tuesday to drop requirements that high school students take two years of foreign languages. Officially, the foreign language requirements will only be delayed, but no date was set for when they’d be implemented.

The Globally Competitive Students committee also agreed that new rigorous graduation requirements should be delayed a year. They’d go into effect now with freshmen entering in 2009.

The full board could approve both items on Thursday.

“The board agreed that they needed more time before curriculum changes could be implemented,” said state schools Superintendent June Atkinson.

Still uncertain is whether students will be required to take a vocational course, officially called career and technical education, and an arts course. Administrators proposed the new course requirements on Tuesday after being lobbied by arts and vocational groups.


UPDATE, 5/7/07, 2:27PM: News 14 Carolina has a link to a companion story, along with video, on their website. Click here to go to it.

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