Teachers And Administrators Blogging

This, apparently, is a new trend of teachers blogging. And school administrators are beginning to blog as well.

Take a look at my new friend from Cooperstown, NY, local school board candidate Matthew Tabor’s website, he posted a blog entry on this very subject:

But the real value of websites and blogs isn’t just in networking with peers; effective teachers, administrators and school board members [and really, people in every job] already do that in one way or another. The most important benefit of this medium is communicating and interacting with those members of the community who, traditionally, we have a tougher time reaching. In our case, that’s parents, voters, and anyone in the community who is concerned about education.


I agree. As teachers and educators, they have a pulse of the entire community and can share with the general public with relative ease what’s going on in our classrooms, which is a component for change in our schools. They’re on the frontlines. They know firsthand what’s going on.

He comments further on the issue of principals starting to blog; this is very interesting…

Principals and school board members, however, have even more reason to encourage communication with the community. They develop and implement policy, define the direction and purpose of the school, etc. They lead the institution, and an institution of any sort can’t be led effectively without knowing what its constituents think. If their thoughts are to be productive, they need you to disseminate to them freely both information and evidence. You see the way this works – you give the public as much information as you can so they can add value to a public service.

School administrators and elected board members should want the public to do this.


I could not agree more. In fact, there should not be a principal out there who is NOT blogging. Different viewpoints as it relates to public education can only be a good thing, not a hinderance.

What do you think? And do you think GCS should promote or come up with a policy for teachers and administrators who blog?

I will toss out a challenge and take it one step further…I challenge every sitting Guilford County school board member to take time and create a blog and share their thoughts and opinions with the citizens and taxpayers of Guilford County and to do so on a regular basis. I even challenge Dr. Grier himself to do the same.

Will any of them take me up on this challenge?


UPDATE, 5/09/07, 2:48PM: Case in point, here is an example of a New York state HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL who is blogging…and has challenged her superintendent to do the same, in an effort to clean up communication between the school district and the community at large. I predict you will see this issue gain some traction in the coming weeks and months. 

E.C. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. You might find this of interest. To my knowledge, GCS are no longer blocking access to blogs, but that they once were is an interesting contrast to what you wrote above.

  2. Yet, another visual example of “irony.”

  3. […] Huey, a candidate for the Guilford County, NC school board, also thinks education blogs are an important element of effective communication between a district and its constituents. He’s challenged his district’s officials to […]

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