Cafeteria showdown: N&R

It has become the cafeteria controversy.

Guilford Co. Schools is losing money in those lunch lines, despite more students consuming GCS lunches year over year. It’s just they’re not eating the healthy stuff and GCS officials fear they will have to raise prices to cover the shortfall. See today’s News & Record story.

An excerpt:

Talk about mixed signals. More Guilford County students are filling their meal trays in cafeteria lines compared with a year ago.

Fewer students, however, are willing to pay extra for more healthful á la carte fare that typically generates the biggest profits for the district.

This comes as bad news for Guilford County Schools officials, who need those sales to cover an anticipated $1 million in equipment costs and salary increases next school year.

A price increase is likely if the district can’t cut costs elsewhere or receive a proposed financial reprieve from the state, said Cynthia Sevier, the district’s child nutrition program director.

The school system also lost revenue when Eastern Guilford High School students were displaced after their school burned Nov. 1, she said. In February, Sevier’s department had about $340,000 in cash — less than one month’s operating expenses.

“We don’t want to have to raise meals costs,” Sevier said. “We feel like if we get this from the state we can hold that off.”

Sevier has not proposed a price increase but expects to submit her budget to the county Board of Education this month.

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