Forced Teaching in Highly-Impacted Schools

We’ve covered this subject many times, the subject of teaching in highly-impacted schools and how do you motivate those who don’t wish to be motivated.

My friend Doug Clark over at the News & Record opened up dialogue on this topic today, here’s the link. He also mentioned a Charlotte Observer piece in which Char-Meck Supt. Dr. Gorman is threatening to force transfer teachers to highly-impacted schools to fill vacancies.

I agree with Doug that this probably isn’t the appropriate way to fill teaching vacancies. What do you think?

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I recommend Dr. Gorman signing up to work for a term in one of those highly impacted schools–no wait, better yet, FORCE him to go work there….Then I bet he sings a different tune.

    You would think that by now administrators would understand that you cannot FORCE anythone–students or teachers–to be where they do not want to be.

    I haven’t read Doug’s editorial as I try not to read the biased N&R but the answer will never be to force anything. That’s just plain ignorance.

  2. I agree, Bob. And that’s what gets me with incentive programs like GCS’ Mission (im)Possible, that pays these teachers more to go into these select schools.

    GCS will not release the data showing whether it is working or not, and yet Terry Grier budgeted more funds for the program for next year. Where is the data? It’s a catch-22.

    The bottom line is simply this…we should be trying to properly entice teachers to the job, not run them out of the profession. The latter is exactly what’s happening in many of our schools today.

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