Dangerous School Routes?

It’s “Sweeps” time, obviously. But CBS-2 did do a good story on dangerous routes and conditions involving our school buses in Guilford Co. Click here for the story and video.

An excerpt from the story:

The traffic on Piedmont Avenue seems to fly by. “It’s a busy road and a lot of people travel it in the mornings,” says parent Kelli Simpson. “There’s a lot of traffic in that intersection.”

Including school buses that “back up” from their stop onto a two-lane road on the north side of Gibsonville. “I wasn’t sure if anything could be done about it, but if someone saw what I saw, would they think it’s unsafe?”

2 Wants To Know took her concerns to Guilford County Schools.

“Although we hadn’t had any accidents by the bus backing up, we concluded it was not the best thing to have the bus back up on Piedmont Avenue,” says Jeff Harris, Guilford County Schools Transportation Director. “The bus is no longer backing up on Piedmont any longer.”

We checked. The bus is now using a park access road to make the turnaround.


GCS built a new link on their website to address the same point. Damage control.

E.C. šŸ™‚


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