DPI Sets the Record Straight

TO:        NC Public School Teachers
FROM:  State Superintendent June Atkinson
DATE:   May 10, 2007
     What will it take to succeed in the 21st century? That question is at
the heart of deliberation underway by the State Board of Education as it
develops new high school graduation requirements. This month, Board members
continued to discuss the Future-Ready Core and four items have consensus at
this time:
– The implementation date will be 2009-10 for that year’s entering ninth
grade class.
– Requiring four units of mathematics with some flexibility for course
– Delaying the second language requirement for all high school students to
determine better ways to effectively teach second languages, perhaps earlier
in students’ school careers in K-8.
– Allowing students to substitute courses for the Integrated Mathematics III
or Algebra II requirement based on consultation and permission from parents,
administrators and teachers.
     Discussion continues about proposals to require a unit of art and a
unit of Career Technical Education for all high school graduates. Art and
Career Technical Education continue to be identified as two options for the
endorsement areas that students would be required to complete. On a personal
note – if you have heard that the Board or Department of Public Instruction
are interested in diminishing Career Technical Education, please set the
record straight. The Board continues to voice its support for the arts,
Career-Technical Education, and second languages. The Board has no intention
to place schools in a position to eliminate or diminish any of these areas
and continues to be committed to requiring an endorsement of four units in
an area of concentration such as Career-Technical Education, arts, JROTC,
Advanced Placement/IB or a customized area of focus.
                                    June Atkinson


Well…guess she told us…

E.C. 🙂


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