EOGs for 5th/8th grade Science?

Did you all know that this year is the first year 5th and 8th graders in North Carolina will have to take an end-of-grade exam for science to meet No Child Left Behind-Leaves Many Children Behind? See this short excerpt from an article in the Asheboro Courier-Tribune. Here’s an example of the type of preparation Randolph County’s Uwharrie Middle School is undergoing for students gearing up for this exam:

A hands-on activity in their own backyard is providing eighth-grade students at Uwharrie Middle School with a review of what they’ve learned in science this school year. Eighth-grade science teacher James Green has developed a Uwharrie River experiment project to prepare more than 150 students, who were in his classes first semester, for the upcoming end-of-grade science test.

“It’s an excellent example of a hands-on experiment that allows the students to practice some of the skills they have learned in class in the real world,” Green noted.

And, at the same time, they’re learning how healthy the nearby Uwharrie River is.

During one-week sessions, the eighth-graders — who would normally be in social studies classes — made two trips to the banks of the Uwharrie River at Camp Woodfield, the Scout camp.

During one class period, they collected samples along the riverbanks and the next day tested the specimens. They returned to the river a second time and gathered more data for further testing on the fourth day. Using this information, they compiled a report to present on the fifth day. Divided into teams of four students, each group member had specific tasks to perform for the final product.

E.C. 🙂


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