Joe Hill Misleading the Board

The Rhino Times in its last issue reports that GCS Construction consultant Joe Hill appears to be snowballing the school board’s new Construction Advisory Committee as to why schools built here in Guilford Co. cost twice as much as Forsyth, Wake and Mecklenburg Co. We’ve talked about this many times but no one wants to be candid about this.

Look at this excerpt:

When construction consultant Joe Hill spoke about classroom space, he told the Construction Advisory Committee (CAC) that he thinks it is unfair to compare construction costs between Guilford, Forsyth and Mecklenburg counties. Hill said in Forsyth County, where schools are built for much less than they are in Guilford County, classrooms are smaller, but that is not necessarily true.


Note that Hill DOES NOT say why it is unfair to make that comparison. But wait, it gets better…look at this excerpt:

CAC member Gary Paul Kane, with the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (TREBIC), asked Hill if he thought Forsyth built smaller classrooms in order to have smaller class sizes and a smaller student-to-teacher ratio. Hill shook his head no, but didn’t give any facts to support his answer.


Sounds like Mr. Hill was either caught off guard or was unprepared for this meeting.

This blog continues to write itself…

E.C. 🙂


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