‘No Child’ law gets mixed marks from educators: Des Moines Register

No Child Left Behind continues to leave many children behind. In a story in yesterday’s Des Moines Register, NCLB-LMCB continues to get failing grades from educators and school personnel nationwide (note to anyone in Washington: is anyone listening?)

See this excerpt:

Five years after the federal accountability law No Child Left Behind changed the way schools operate nationwide, several Iowa educators said good things eventually happened at schools that were labeled because students fell short of goals laid out in the law. “It was a curse that turned into a blessing,” said Kim Nelson, principal of Alden Elementary School in the north-central Iowa district of 238 students.

Alden was among the first 26 Iowa schools on the government’s Schools in Need of Assistance list in May 2002. The setback came less than a decade after the school received a national “Blue Ribbon Award” for leadership, teaching, curriculum, student achievement and parental involvement.

“We had quite a few parents come in and say, ‘What’s going on?’ ” Nelson said. “It was really a shock to our community. We just had to roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

Along with the stick came a carrot. Iowa was awarded $37.7 million over six years for Reading First, a national program created by No Child Left Behind to boost reading skills in kindergarten through third grade. Alden was one of 97 Iowa schools in 47 districts to share the money.

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