School officials earmark funds for SCALE site: HP Enterprise

The future High Point SCALE site is now getting some traction. In an article in yesterday’s HP Enterprise, funds have been earmarked in the new 07-08 GCS budget to fund the future site, which it will be housed at GCS English Rd. administration offices.

See this excerpt:

School officials have finally shown the public where the money is for a new alternative school for suspended students.
It’s in this year’s 2007-08 school budget.
Guilford County Board of Edu­cation members approved the pro­posed budget last week, designat­ing $2.9 million in capital outlay dollars to pay for the new facility.
School officials have tossed around the idea of a High Point site for SCALE (School Com­munity Alternative Learn­ing Environment) for several months now and are finally making headway in bringing the school to the city. The cur­rent High Point SCALE school and the Greensboro SCALE pro­gram are both housed on Pisgah School Road in Greensboro.
Ken Wheat, principal of the High Point SCALE, said Friday about 95 percent of the planning details for the  alternative school are complete. The old Guilford County Schools administration building on W. English Road will be reno­vated and house the new school. School officials are eyeing March 2008 as a completion date.

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