Eastern Guilford: Who’s Telling the Truth?

I’m stepping up my efforts to demand an investigation into the funding controversy surrounding the reconstruction of Eastern Guilford H.S.

Note today’s News & Record “Scoop” in which Terry “the turkey” Grier is going back-and-forth with Guilford County Finance Director Brenda Jones Fox regarding the funding sources for the reconstruction project:

Now, who’s in trouble? Superintendent Terry Grier has met his share of surprises in the past month regarding possible funding sources for the reconstruction of Eastern Guilford High School.

Here’s one: Brenda Jones Fox , county finance director, told county commissioners they had $121 million in unspent 2003 bond money to pay for school construction, with about half the money earmarked in late March for projects. Grier has been saying since April that the district has about

$31 million available.

Grier tried to set the record straight in a school board meeting last week when he said Fox “announced that she was having some problems with the (Internal Revenue Service)” because of interest she gained selling those bonds before the bills were due.

“We have struggled to understand why she would sell $121 million in bonds,” Grier said. “We have not requested that.”

Or did they? School officials notified Fox more than two months ago that the district expected to spend an additional $128.4 million on 2003 school bond projects over the next three years.

Fox said the county issues bonds based on such forecasts and the district’s history of spending construction money. She called any suggestion that the county issued too much in school bonds “absurd.”

“I can assure you we’re not in any trouble with the IRS,” she said.


Who’s telling the truth? Who’s lying? The rat is stinking further.

E.C. 🙂


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