NCLB Testing Irregularity in Memphis

From today’s Memphis Commercial Appeal, a 4th grade teacher has been administratively disciplined for breaching testing security at a Memphis area school. See this excerpt:

Memphis school officials have asked the state to nullify the TCAP scores of a fourth-grade classroom at Germanshire Elementary School and are moving to fire the teacher.

Officials found “substantial evidence” that testing security was breached, said John Barker, executive director of research, evaluation and assessment for Memphis City Schools.

There were multiple erasure marks on answer sheets of the 25 students and stray markings in test booklets. Suspicions that the test had been compromised were confirmed by student accounts during an investigation early this month.

Nullification means the student tests will not be scored. In a letter sent to parents Tuesday, Germanshire principal Jacqueline Coleman said other tests will be used to make sure the students are on track for entering fifth grade this fall.

The district announced April 26 that the teacher had been put on administrative leave after allegations surfaced of “testing irregularities” and of “inappropriate discipline.”

District officials have declined to name the teacher and have not specified what the discipline issues are.

Per state law, the teacher has been suspended. The law further says the teacher shall be dismissed and his or her state teaching license shall be revoked.

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