NEWS ALERT: EOC Results for Fall 06


For block-scheduled high schools in Guilford County, here are the fall results (all in pdf format), courtesy of the News & Record:

Here are the district results, make sure to scroll down to view all of the charts. Algebra 1 and Geometry seemed to have had the most problems.

Subject-by subject and school by school, here are the results for English 1, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Civics and US History.


UPDATE, 5/16/07, 1:30PM:

For our Mission (im)Possible schools, you know, the ones that have the extra help, the extra tutoring, the state assistance and state turnaround teams (by the way, where are those preliminary and monthly reports and why do they continue NOT to be released to the public when it is a public document required by state law), the results are mixed and are widely varied:

Andrews did better than Smith, High Point Central, Dudley and Southwest Guilford H.S. in English 1 (67.8% of students had a combined achievement level of a “3”/”4″), but trailed others in other subjects.

Everyone tanked in Algebra 1; Andrews had 70.4% of its students getting an achievement level “1” in Algebra 1, but 39.6% of students at Central obtained a “3/4”.

91.6% of students taking Algebra 2 obtained a “3/4” at Central, but just under a half (46.3%) of students at Andrews scored a “2”. 40.7% of students scored a “1” at Dudley.

In Civics and Economics, 50.9% of students taking this End-of-Course exam scored a “1” at Andrews, while 64.4% taking the same test at Central scores a “3/4”.

 In US History, 47% of students scored a “1” at Andrews, while 48% of students scored a “3/4” at Southwest.


Granted, folks, I have strong opinions on No Child Left Behind and this increased form of standardized testing is hurting our schools in general. But let’s look at the other side of the argument…many of these schools are highly-impacted schools, that have more resources, that have the “go-teams” and the state assistance/turnaround teams and the extra tutoring, and the Mission (im)Possible teachers who are being paid extra because they want to be at these schools…And here’s what we got.

I highly suspect this is the information Dr. Grier did not want you to know, seeing as though he budgeted more money for Mission Possible despite the lack of data. Well, here’s the data. And it is not pretty. To get a good picture, GCS needs to release immediately, a year-over-year rollup/comparison as to where these schools are this year vs. last year, or this year vs. two years ago. That way, we can then get a good picture.

This is not good news. I continue to be alarmed as a taxpayer, and I am frightened at some of these results. How dare this school system ask me to fund more money in November for a system that continues to waste the time and lives of our children. How dare some of you Board members who continue to babble every meeting about a-whole-lot-of-nothing and at the same time, continue to ignore what is happening in the schools YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT. Get off your collective butts, get out into these schools and do something!

And Supt. Grier should not be given another dime or another ounce of time. If anything, get him out of here.


UPDATE, 5/16/07, 2:15PM: The data doesn’t reflect schools on traditional schedules, because those schools didn’t take EOCs yet. Only block high schools who took EOCs this past January are listed. Also, the data for Physics, Physical Science, Chemistry and Biology hasn’t been released yet.

I can’t wait to see GCS’ spin on this.


UPDATE, 5/16/07, 8:46PM: Algebra 1 has a total percentage pass rate of 26%. So that means 74% of students taking Algebra 1 this past fall in a block-scheduled Guilford Co. School CANNOT master freshman algebra.

Striving? Achieving? Excelling? I don’t think so!


E.C. 🙂


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