GCS Spin Doctors Already At Work with Sorry EOC Scores

As expected, the spin doctors are at work trying to “put things in perspective” down on Eugene Street with the release yesterday of the fall state End-of-Course exams for Guilford County. These preliminary results are pathetic.

See this pdf release from Supt. Dr. Grier’s office. Grier & Company say that we should not make a year-over-year comparison because of the following: 1, because this year’s tests were rewritten, 2. physics, physical science and chemistry were statewide field tests (thereby, no comparable data would be obtained), and 3, fewer students were tested in January because there are more traditional-schedule schools this year versus last year. Block schools have classes divided into semesters and those schools that have had EOC exams for their first semesters are the ones reporting. Block and traditional schedule schools will all take EOCs in the next few days.

They do admit that the numbers “shows much work needs to be done to increase the number of students scoring at achievement levels 3 and 4 while decreasing the number of students scoring at achievement levels 1 and 2 in all end-of-course tests.”

Half of the battle is admitting defeat. They also did admit: “Scores in Algebra I were particularly dismal.”


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…what are you (GCS) going to do about it? Because if no one loses their job behind this mess, you (GCS) are simply okay with this. The taxpayers deserve better.

By the way, this GCS release WAS BURIED UNDER DR. GRIER’S SECTION of the GCS Website. NOT UNDER “DISTRICT NEWS” as this SHOULD probably be correctly filed under.

Check…and mate. This is the news Grier clearly DID NOT WANT YOU TO SEE.

E.C. đŸ™‚


3 Responses

  1. You’re right again, EC. If Terry wanted us to know this he would have added it to this email that came out today! (below) So he’s more worried about “rumors” than the fact that he’s failing most of the kids in Gifford. And that’s no rumor–that’s FACT! Way to go Dr. Innovative!

    “GCS Special Friday Notes from Terry Grier, Ed.D.
    May 17 , 2007

    Rumor Mill
    According to the N.C. Center for Prevention of School Violence, school districts in NC and across the country are experiencing a heightened awareness and response to school threats. Last week, Guilford County Schools was reminded how easily rumors and inaccurate information can spread during situations of possible threats to schools….”

  2. I am outraged! The man needs to be FIRED!!!

  3. It’s like Grier was hiding these figures. GCS NEEDS to be more open. We need to know what’s happening within our schools. We need to know what’s happening with these ‘go-teams’ and state assistance teams; obviously, little progress was made.

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