County Commissioners Get Schools Budget

Guilford County Commissioners last night heard from county manager David McNeill give a 30 minute presentation on next year’s county budget, which on the surface includes the biggest property tax increase in 10 years. See complete coverage in this morning’s News & Record. But here’s an interesting excerpt of that story as it relates to the schools:

In five of the past six years, the budget has also included a tax increase. This year looks no different, but McNeill used his 30-minute presentation to outline the reasons why it was happening. Look at the school system, he said. In addition to more students, the schools must pay for energy costs associated with an extra 780,000 square feet of space. His budget gave the schools $167.7 million, $4.7 million less than what they’d asked for.

School-construction payments are up $8.9 million from last year, though most of that will be covered by lottery money.

He noted that Guilford spent far less on school-construction bonds than Forsyth, Mecklenburg and Wake counties before 2000, and now the county is playing catchup.

Guilford voters approved school-construction bonds in 2000 and 2003.


He obviously didn’t say why it costs more to build schools in Guilford Co. versus Forsyth Co. And passage of a school bond this year looks very dim, especially after the sorry EOC scores just released.

It will be interesting to follow this one.

E.C. 🙂


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  1. Just wait until you start paying High Point taxes! They are HIGHER than Greensboro already AND the schools suck! Oh it’s a beeeeUtiful day here in High Point!

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