S.C. superintendent calls for less testing: CLT Observer

The state public schools superintendent in South Carolina is calling for…LESS TESTING!

Stop the presses.

See this short Charlotte Observer piece from today, this guy is progressive:

S.C. students should spend less time taking tests and more time learning, Education Superintendent Jim Rex said Thursday in unveiling a sweeping proposal to reform the state’s standardized testing system. Rex hopes to reduce the time students spend on end-of-year accountability tests by about 40 percent, eliminating social studies tests and limiting science exams to three grades. The move doesn’t lessen their importance, he cautioned.

“But if we’re testing everything every year for every student, all we’re going to do is test,” he said.

Rex also wants to replace the Palmetto Achievement Challenge Tests, taken yearly by third- through eighth-graders since 1999, with other tests that give teachers more useful and timely information. He hopes tests in English, math and science will begin under the new system by spring 2009.

District superintendents across the state, briefed shortly before the public announcement, applauded the proposal.

“It’s about time,” said Berkeley County schools Superintendent Chester Floyd, a frequent critic of the PACT test.


E.C. 🙂


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