Discipline Task Force: Rhino Times

From a “Beep” in last week’s Rhino Times:

Yes, this is for Amos Quick and Deena Hayes regarding the committee they just formed to study why students of minorities get suspended more. Why don’t you guys get away from the committees? Go spend some time in the school. Not an hour a day, but a whole day at a time in different schools and just sit and watch. Go to lunch. Go to gym class. Go to any class and just watch what our teachers have to go through each and every day, and then you’ll understand why kids get suspended. They have no respect for teachers. They’re taught that. They have no respect at home. They have no respect for themselves. So, get off your duffs and go see what’s really going on. Thank you.% % %

Yeah, the follow up for this call we just made. I really don’t think you want to know the whole truth about what’s going on in schools, that’s why you’d rather sit back and throw out the race card and blame everybody but the actual people involved themself. Take a look at the poor teacher from Southeast who got his – both eyes blackened yesterday and who may never teach again because of students with no respect, and find out what color the student was if you’re not afraid to.


E.C. 🙂


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