Grier vs. Yow: Rhino Times

Last Week’s Rhino Times included this fairly intense exchange between County Commissioner Billy Yow and Supt. Terry Grier in a story on the funding feud with Eastern Guilford H.S. as it related to certificates of participation (COPs):

Commissioner Billy Yow tried to explain everything to the school officials.“Everybody’s not far apart,” Yow said. “We’ve got $121 million laying there doing nothing – we’re saying, do your project.”

Yow said the county could use COPs at any time, and added that, under the commissioners’ plan, there would be no delay of either rebuilding the school or of the bond projects.

“You can start digging tomorrow,” he said.

Yow added that he was not opposed to COPs but he said that other options should be exhausted first, and he said, in order to use COPs, the board first had to pass a resolution that stated it had exhausted other options of financing a project and, Yow said, the board clearly could not do that with all that money sitting in the bank.

Yow also told the school officials they should have come to the commissioners six months ago, right after the school burned down, and the commissioners and school officials could have had this conversation then. If they had done so, Yow said, the matter would have already been decided by now.

At one point, Yow was fairly intense and Grier said something to him about his tone.

Yow responded, “I ain’t hollering at you.”

“Well, you’re getting kind of loud,” Grier said.

You’d think we would have a little more professionalism about ourselves, but this is Guilford County, North Carolina. Professionalism is out the window.

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I don’t care how loud Billy has to get, just as long as he’s watchin’ out for my tax dollars! He know’s that Grier is $$$ hungry and I appreciate that he can “get loud” with him.

    In fact, I think Billy should make a T-Shirt. Remember Billy’s shirt “going” on the NAACP? Well, I’m not saying I agree with that but I’d LOVE a shirt with Grier “going” on High Point! Now that would raise enough funds to build a few schools!

  2. It’s funny, but someone has to watch the bottom dollar. Remember, it’s all about the kids, and someone has to watch out for them.

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