PTA debates how much to give to new school: N&R

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This is an interesting debate. The PTA at Colfax Elementary is embroiled in a battle whether to donate $10,000 to the new PTA at the new Pearce Elementary, since many students from Colfax will be heading there in the fall, or to keep the money at Colfax. See today’s News & Record. View this excerpt:

Parents will vote June 5 whether to give $10,000 to the PTA of Pearce, which will open in the fall with nearly 700 students. Most will come from Colfax. At a recent PTA meeting, parents raised their voices and sometimes cut each other off as they debated the donation.

Helping former students at the new school is the right thing to do, some said. The money was raised for Colfax and should remain at Colfax, others argued.

One school employee choked back tears as she described parents speaking ill about each other, sometimes within hearing of students.

“The children, whether they go to Pearce, they are still Colfax children,” curriculum facilitator Sandy Hunt said. “And we’ve loved them for a million years.”

More Guilford County PTAs could be faced with the questions of whether and how much to give as new schools open. Pearce is one of four new schools that will welcome students this fall. Two other new schools, Southern Middle and Guilford Elementary, will replace existing schools.

And voters might be asked to approve another bond in November that would create six more new schools over the next several years. Children will be siphoned from existing schools to fill the new ones.

According to state PTA guidelines, when a school splits the existing PTA can give the new PTA startup funds. The PTA treasurer’s handbook does not recommend an amount.

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  1. They have had the money for a while.
    I believe the money should be for the
    kids, and if half the kids are going to
    Pearce, then half the money should
    go with them. I also heard they have
    had this money for seven years, why
    did they keep it so long? The parents
    and kids that raised that money are
    in middleschool and high school by

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