Elem. Teachers Threatened Statewide: HP Enterprise

Guess that lootery money isn’t coming in as expected, many school systems have be losing elementary teaching positions, this as EOGs are beginning today, according to today’s High Point Enterprise. GCS finance chief Sharon Ozment says 20 positions could be cut next school year. other systems may lose out on positions also.

See this excerpt:

Elementary class­rooms across the state could become more crowd­ed unless lawmakers find a way to cover a shortfall in lottery proceeds.
The 2005 education lot­tery law requires 50 per­cent of profits to go toward class-size reduction in ear­ly grades. The reduction means paying for more K­3 teaching positions in or­der to create smaller class sizes.
But with a deficit in lot­tery revenue, more than 400 elementary teaching positions in North Caro­lina will be cut this coming school year.
School finance officers recently were notifi ed by the state’s Department of Public Instruction that in­stead of allotting teachers on a 1-to-18 ratio in grades kindergarten through third grade, the allotment will change to 1-to-18.3 students for the upcoming school year.

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