The Fake Newsweek Rankings

It’s that time of year again folks…it’s time for the annual “fake” Newsweek rankings of top schools in America (solely by the numbers of students taking AP or IB classes). Today’s News & Record has a disclaimer this time around: “The rating is not meant to measure overall quality of a school.” Keep in mind about the other interesting thing about this annual list…it does not really take into account how many students pass the AP exam itself or how many of them go on to college. Also keep in mind that many of these schools did not fare well in the fall EOCs.

The list…School and rank

Andrews 483
Central 243
Dudley 1,189
Eastern 527
Grimsley 84
Northeast 978
Northwest 317
Page 265
Ragsdale 780
Southeast 805
Southern 582
Southwest 342
Western 80


UPDATE, 5/23/07, 9:47PM: Yep, as expected, the spin doctors down on Eugene Street wasted little time in churning out a release touting Western Guilford and Grimsley claiming the “top spots” in the Newsweek list.

E.C. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! FOR “getting” this! Every year Grier gets all excited over this and makes a special announcement (or two) and it makes me throw up! Since when do we judge a school by how many AP tests are taken? I want Newsweek to publish the rankings of AP tests PASSED! What a JOKE! We really should all be writing to Newsweek and tell them how bogus this list is! And what does Collegeboard say about this? They are the one’s that administer and conduct the entire AP/IB system, what would their comment be about ranking schools as Newsweek does? I bet they too are laughing their @#$$& off each year!!!

  2. WGO, anyone can take an AP class, but what matters most to me is if they take and pass the AP exam. And how many of them actually go on to college and actually use those AP scores as college credit? Don’t worry, the spin doctors are working their magic right now, I suspect.

  3. Another benefit of AP classes (that often gets over-looked) is that college admission’s offices can see that you can handle college level work. So even if you chose to apply to a college where the credit will not transfer, it still is a benefit to your overall admissions profile. Even a ” B ” in an AP class looks more rigorous to admissions than an A in an Honors or regular class. I have looked into many colleges and the more AP’s the better as far as admissions. If you can get college credit for them–even better, but just by taking them (and passing of course) you already look better to admissions.

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