AP Testing Problems at Central



This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Massive problems with the administering of the College Board’s Advanced Placement exams at High Point Central H.S. in recent days have prompted an investigation by school officials.

Today’s High Point Enterprise is reporting that missed testing windows and a mysterious disappearance of testing materials have put AP testing on hold. See companion sidebar story here.

For a district that prides itself merely on the amount of students that take AP classes (not how many of them pass the AP exam, or how many pass the AP class itself), these series of developments are troubling, and are probably indicative of an audit and examination of the GCS Testing office.


UPDATE, 6/3/07, 8:36AM: Would you believe they found the missing tests…undelivered, on a UPS truck?!?!? This, according to a News & Record update story. I’m sorry, but this whole thing stinks to high heaven.

E.C. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Will they even be allowed to retest? I thought there was strict guidelines that the test had to be conducted at a specific time/date. So now I wonder will their results even be valid if they retake? I can see other schools in other parts of the country crying fowl that they didn’t get another several weeks of preparation…because in essence these kids at Central are getting the most precious gift of all–more time to study!

  2. This raises a lot of eyebrows because the College Board and ETS (Educational Testing Service) doesn’t play around.

  3. Is anybody thinking of the kids that might get a 2 on the re-test when they possibly had a 3 or higher on the original (they say the re-test was much harder)? This could keep them out of the drawing for the car at the end of their senior year…and it wasn’t even their fault!

    Stay tuned. This could have ramifications for the next few years.

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