Jamestown Middle having problems: Jamestown News

Parents at Jamestown Middle School are calling the deteriorating discipline situation out of control and are demanding answers and action, according to an article in the Jamestown News. See this excerpt:

This parent, and apparently a number of others, feels that the situation is dire enough at Jamestown Middle to require immediate and drastic action.

“There is a parent group that has formed, not the PTA, and the administration doesn’t like that,” disclosed the anonymous father. “But the problem is, if you need help you’ve got to want help to have help work. And the administration is worried about the record in going downtown (to the school board).”

Still, the concerned father does not place the blame squarely on the shoulders of [principal Dr. Dee] Richmond and the JMS administration.

“She’s a victim of the system. I don’t think going after the principal will guarantee the best outcome,” he said. “It might get her fired, but that won’t guarantee the next one coming in is going to be a hero. There’ve got to be some highly visible signs that something’s different. If they start another school year and nothing’s highly visible, I feel sorry for that school. My prediction is that something serious is going to happen.”

This parent feels that the real culprit in the deteriorating discipline is the school board, in particular Guilford County Schools superintendent Terry Grier.

“I think we need to focus on the group downtown,” he claimed “and get them involved. Make them listen and take a long hard look at this situation. We have to get folks downtown to realize they’d better do something. If they don’t then we’re really in serious trouble.”

The father of the [an] assaulted seventh-grader stressed that nothing of significance will take place without community involvement.

“This school needs help,” he said. “It needs the community to take charge. The community has got to get involved if ever there’s going to be a chance to affect Terry Grier. It’s got to be the community going after him.”

As for his own child, the parents have not made a decision on whether to enroll him in a private school or not.

“We’re strongly considering it,” admitted the father. “All year long my son has not felt comfortable there. He would talk about all the fights and nothing being done about it, and for much of the year I thought maybe he was exaggerating. But as the year unfolded it became apparent that there’s much more truth in what he’s been saying.”

We’ve reported before about problems at Jamestown Middle and Ragsdale H.S. Again, it is a ripe opportunity for that new Discipline Task Force that Board member Amos Quick wants to head up. Can we possibly get an update on where this Task Force is in getting set up?

E.C. 🙂


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