Mixed Bag for Statewide Writing Test Results

As we’ve made it through the end of another school year, the State Dept. of Public Instruction is reporting the preliminary state writing test results, and they are a mixed bag.

In a statement released today, DPI says scores for 4th and 7th graders increased year-over-year, while 10th graders showed a decrease in scores.

“Students need to have strong writing skills to be competitive in a 21st economy,” said State Board of Education Chairman Howard Lee, in the statement. “We know that there is no perfect writing assessment, but by continuing to focus on this important skill area, we can help ensure that writing instruction is a central component of public education.”

State Superintendent June Atkinson said:  “We believe that North Carolina students have a head start on writing assessments. We have tested this skill as part of our state testing program for many years, reflecting the importance of writing in the learning process.”

Read the spin here…or skip the spin and go right to the raw data here. Included in this full report are all of the prompts in their entirety.

E.C. 🙂


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