Half-a-billion Bond Referendum Goes to CoCos

The school board last night passed its nearly-half-a-billion-dollar bond referendum. On an 8-3 vote (Board members Dot “cold-cash” Kearns, Amos Quick, and Deena Hayes voted ‘nay’), the proposed referendum now goes to the County Commissioners for their approval before it goes to the voters in November. Considering the commissioners still haven’t passed the county budget and may threaten to slash some of the anticipated monies the school board wanted this year, I predict the bond may have a hard time with the county board.

See today’s News & Record and High Point Enterprise for complete coverage.

Excerpt from the N&R:

The proposed bond includes $45 million to pay for the reconstruction of the fire-damaged Eastern Guilford High School, estimated to cost $61 million. Jill Wilson, attorney for the school board, said she estimates the district will receive no more than $17 million in a state insurance settlement.

Commissioners plan to decide whether to schedule the bond for a November referendum at the June 21 meeting.

Board member Darlene Garrett said she expected the bond referendum to be difficult to pass because of anticipated property tax increases.

“I’m hopeful that people will support it, but I think we will need to make good cases for it,” she said. “It’s a lot of money.”

Interesting excerpt from the Enterprise:

High Point representatives questioned the need for addi­tional high school seats in projects for the airport area school as well as Southwest Guilford High. The board members ar­gued that enough space is avail­able in some of the city’s schools like Welborn Middle and T. Wingate Andrews High.

“I don’t see building all the seats in high school (projects) until we see some growth in those (High Point) schools,” board member Dot Kearns said. Chairman Alan Duncan re­sponded: “The purpose of the airport area high school is not focused on High Point. The pur­pose is focused on Northwest and Western, which are overca­pacity.” However, Duncan said the airport area school would also impact overcrowding at both Southwest and Ragsdale.


Cold-cash Kearns still doesn’t get it. High Point, North High Point, Southwest Greensboro/West Greensboro and western Guilford County WILL NOT STOP GROWING and clearly the system needs to prepare for growth. If the ex-High Point City Schools system (under which she was a former school board members of) planned for growth, there would not be any redistricting or student shuffling.

 Now, granted, I’m still not a fan at all of this bond referendum and I honestly don’t think it will do well in November. But if it does, it needs to be fair and equitable and countywide. Kearns clearly wants to continue making High Point the stepchild of the county and that’s wrong.

BTW, you’re asking why the name “cold-cash?” Kearns has no trouble spending your taxpayer money on travel expenses for junkets and has readily done so in the past. As a fiscal conservative, I would rather send a teacher to an educational junket and if a Board member goes, they can pay their own way.

E.C. 🙂


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