The Rhino Times’ Annual School Salary Survey

School staff are public employees. And as such, their names and how much they make are public information.

In Guilford County, our friends at The Rhino Times graciously publishes the salaries of these GCS employees annually. Here’s the link to this week’s article.

Some things to note right off the bat…some of the salaries are inflated because many teachers are paid for 10 months, and a person’s education/experience is figured into one’s salary as well.

Not withstanding, Dr. Terry Grier heads the list making $218,158.

<cricket sound goes here>

I said…Terry Grier makes $218,158.

Chief Auxilary Services officer John Wright comes in a distant second at $148,577.

Here are the top ten:

Grier, Terry $218,158 Superintendent
Wright, John $148,577 Chief Aux Svcs Ofcr
Becoats, Eric $145,866 Chief Of Staff
Ozment, Sharon $145,866 Chief Fin Ofcr
Collins, Valerie $139,870 Principal (Brown Summit Middle)
McCary Mack $139,849 Chief Academic Ofcr
Thompson, Peggy $139,472 Chief HR Ofcr
Young, Terrence $139,472 Chief Info Ofcr
Zhang, Gongshu $135,000 Accountability Ofcr
Rogers, Noah $130,028 Principal (Smith H.S.)

E.C. 🙂


One Response

  1. Ridiculous that Kathy Rogers & Mike Raybon at Ragsdale make that much but due little for that. Raybon doesn’t even teach? never mind anything else. Both admit that they don’t check their email.

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