Violence Being Reported in our Elementary Schools: Rhino Times

Irving Park Elementary, McLeansville Elementary, Lindley Elementary and Jamestown Middle are all examples of schools where incidents of violence and discipline problems are alarmingly on the rise. See this article in this week’s Rhino Times.

The article says most of the incidents involve students diagnosed as behaviorally-emotionally disabled (BED) which is an exceptional children category. parents are complaining that these students are not getting the help they need in these schools.

See this excerpt:

A parent of a Lindley Elementary School student said they were concerned about the welfare of students in that school because recently there was a student who threatened several other students on a bus ride to school. The parent said the student said he was going to “bring my knife to school and kill you.”

Five students told the principal about the incident, the parent said.

“Principals hands are tied,” the parent said.

The parent said it is unsettling because if it is not stopped, the student could become a bully in high school.

“These kids don’t just come from nowhere,” the parent said. “They are 8, 9 and 10 years old seeing objects being thrown. There was a first grade student thrown to the ground and given a concussion. The student told the student, I meant to kill you. Teachers have been assaulted.”


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