School Bond Postponed?


The Guilford County Commissioners may decide tonight whether to postpone the school bond referendum until the primary election day next May, in order to get a larger voter turnout, today’s News & Record is reporting.

This may be a good thing, as referendums in off-year elections really don’t do as well. And while municipal elections are scheduled for Greensboro in November, they are not for High Point, at least not until next year.

An excerpt:

Among those who have expressed at least some support for a May referendum are Democrats Gibson, Melvin “Skip” Alston, John Parks, and Kirk Perkins, along with Republicans Billy Yow and Linda Shaw.And Gibson said he thought a majority of commissioners would support moving the referendum to May.“What you want is the highest turnout you can get,” Parks said. “Certainly May would be a higher total than this fall.”

Stay tuned….


UPDATE, 6/22/07, 9:53AM…the County Commissioners last night did postpone the bonds, and will go ahead and seek to put them on next May’s primary ballots. See this News & Record update story.

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. What school is that pictured on your front page? It looks like a school should look. Too bad all our schools don’t look that nice. I know you’ll turn that around EC! Your determination is more than admirable. Your site is amazing and the threads are very informative. It’s obvious that you care about education and I’ve learned so much just reading your blog. You’re right, many readers are employees and we wish you luck.

  2. J.S.E..this is a hallway in one of the classroom buildings at Northwest Guilford H.S., and you’re right, every school in this county should be as spic-and-span clean as this hallway is. And thank you…I very much appreciate the kind words and stick around. Please spread the word.

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