Grier Bad-mouths CoCo’s Over Budget



From today’s GCS Friday Spin:

Commissioners Slash District Budget

Last evening, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners approved a county-wide budget that significantly reduced funding to GCS for the 2007-08 school year.  In statements made during the meeting, Commissioners did not include education as one of the basic services of the county.  They under-funded our operations budget by $3.5 million; did not provide requested additional funding to address school safety issues; did not restore the $3 million they cut from our capital outlay budget last year; and, took $4 million of the district’s $8 million in state lottery funds to repay previously acquired debt service and are holding the balance as a possible Eastern High funding source should the future bonds fail.  They also postponed placing the district’s construction bond referendum on a county-wide ballot until May 2008. 

This action will result in the Board of Education having to make painful cuts to its budget and could result in the district cutting positions.  Our system’s budget is approximately 85 percent personnel and benefits.  That leaves little room to recover $3.5 million in non-personnel areas.   Please call me at 370-8992, should you have questions.


Hmm…I wonder if the County Board is being more meticulous at the dollars funneling in and out of Central Office and is scrutinizing that more this year.

I’m not happy with any position (especially a front-line position) being cut. But perhaps it’s a wake-up call to take the budget back to the drawing board and make changes necessary that ultimately will put the children and front-line teachers first in Guilford County.

Just my $.02 worth…


UPDATE, 6/22/07, 2:52PM: apparently, there were a lot of fireworks at the County Board meeting; FOX-8 has complete coverage (with video) here.

E.C. 🙂


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