Layoffs Threatened

 “They did us no big favors,” Supt. Grier said of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners, who passed a lean-and-mean school budget at a raucous County Board meeting last Thursday.

Dr. Grier is threatening to slash vital positions as a result of that newly-trimmed budget. See this past Saturday’s News & Record for more.

Layoffs. Not good.

GCAE chief Mark Jewell is asking GCS to slash Mission Possible: “That has not been a popular program with educators,” he said in the N&R article.

Board member Deena Hayes does not support cutting classroom positions:
“I definitely don’t want to see any shifts in the classroom,” Hayes told the N&R.

BUT…look at what else Hayes is saying, in this article:

Hayes sees the budget crunch as an opportunity for the board to get a fiscal check-up. That means evaluating the effectiveness of existing programs before expanding them and looking further into the future to see if the district can afford certain administrative positions.

“I’m not sure they’re having the impact to justify having all of the programs,” Hayes said, mentioning literacy programs as an example. “We just keep doing the same thing over and over again.”

Thank you, Ms. Hayes, for visiting my website, because this is a campaign position of mine…to evaluate the existence of programs, and cut what’s not working. Imagine the savings…wow!

Have you noticed that we go through this same song-and-dance year in, year out? The GCS Board takes about 2-3 months to conjure up and pass a budget they KNOW will not pass the County Board, then the County Board puts on their own Dog-and-Pony show, slashes the GCS budget, the GCS board and Grier & Co. cry foul, bad-mouths the County Board publicly, threaten layoffs, etc….

My friends, there’s got to be a better way to do this annual budget salsa…and I’m all ears, because this makes little sense to keep doing this same song-and-dance every year. GCS needs to be more fiscally prudent, and the County Board needs to do a better job of being more conscious when it comes to our children–yes, they need to take a certain amount of responsibility (and blame) for this yearly silliness.

The only thing this accomplishes (or should accomplish) is to rally citizens, make them angry and make them want to vote them ALL out of office: school board, county board, ALL OF THEM.

Once again, the children of this county get the short end of the stick. They don’t deserve it, not one bit.

E.C. 🙂


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