Smith Gets SMOD

Smith High School will join Andrews, Dudley, and High Point Central in implementing a “standard mode of dress” (SMOD) beginning in August. See today’s News & Record. See this excerpt:

Smith will require it for freshmen only as part of the phasing in of a reform that divides the students into small learning groups, said principal Noah Rogers. All students will wear uniforms by 2010.

“Most of the parents were already familiar with (standard mode of dress),” said Donny Brown, who served as PTA president last year. “It didn’t raise their eyebrows.”

Acceptable attire: black shoes, khaki pants and shorts, and polo shirts and dresses in green, gold and white.

With a strong emphasis on discipline and code enforcement, hopefully it will work. We shall see.

 E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I have no faith in this. The point is not that they are going to require uniforms – the point is WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO when the students don’t wear their uniforms? Naturally, the children will test the limits, and they will find that Smith administration still does not maintain high expectations for their students.
    There are huge signs all over the school that say, “No cell phones. No radios. No head gear.” Then, there are multitudes of students walking around listening to their ipods and talking on their cell phones. I say this because I am one of the discouraged faculty.
    It’s all well and good to have the rules; it’s an entirely different thing indeed to actually enforce consequences when those rules aren’t being followed. Inconsistency makes just as big an impression as enforced consequences. The message these kids get is that they can do as they please if their attitude is big enough; administration doesn’t have the energy to enforce the rules. For example, administration makes it a big deal to post their very specific tardy policy in every classroom, yet they do not enforce it. Announcements are made repeatedly that even “play” fighting will result in a ten day suspension, yet suspensions for fighting can be as low as 3 days.
    In other words, what is said and what is done are entirely different. Noah Rogers is proving to more of a politician than a savior.

  2. Thank you so much, X, for speaking up and speaking out. Unfortunately, this is very typical of what we’re seeing in many of our schools…it’s one thing to post signs and require a stepped-up dress code, it’s another thing to actually get in there and ENFORCE THE RULES! Everyone is so scared to suspend for fear of the come-what-may from what you have to do to enforce the rules. And Grier & Co. STILL doesn’t get it.

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