GCS Budget Battle: Social Workers Threatened


It’s not the top-heavy administration downtown that’s threatened to get any lighter, nor is Dr. Grier’s salary…it is the lonesome school social workers that will be examined (and possibly threatened) at tomorrow night’s GCS Board meeting (click here for the full agenda).

Check out today’s News & Record for this story…an excerpt:

The district’s more than 60 school social workers visit homes and connect families with agencies that provide everything from counseling to food to shelter.Superintendent Terry Grier told board members in an e-mail last week that eliminating 40 social workers would save about $2.6 million.By Tuesday, he was looking at a much smaller number, less than half that. But he wouldn’t say how many or what types of jobs could be cut.

The board will meet Thursday night, and balancing the budget will be a priority.

Oughta be an interesting meeting.


UPDATE, 4:41PM, 6/27/07: The N&R’s Chalkboard reports that Chief Finance head Sharon Ozment (Oz) sort of danced around the mulberry bush when questioned by N&R education reporter Morgan Josey-Glover about tomorrow evening’s meeting regarding the budget-redo. By the way, Oz makes $145,000 and change (according to the recent Rhino Times Salary Survey story)…go figure! That’s pretty good for a bookkeeper!

E.C. 🙂


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