Ronald McNair…or Reedy Fork…Reexamined?

On tomorrow’s GCS Board meeting agenda:

As reported at the May 24, 2007 board meeting, pursuant to our procedure on the naming of schools (FDCA-P), the project team working on the new Reedy Fork Area Elementary School put out a recommendation for naming the school Reedy Fork Elementary School.

After reviewing the materials and hearing from members of the public, the board voted to propose the name Ronald McNair Elementary School at Reedy Fork.

In keeping with the procedure, the board proposed name was posted on the district website for a period of public comment and feedback.  Sixty-eight additional public comments from the community on the name have been received. The comments can be summarized as follows: 

  • 62 in favor of Reedy Fork Elementary School
  • Four in favor of Ronald McNair Elementary School at Reedy Fork
  • Two comments related to the opinion that a school should be named according to the location and community

Upon final approval of a name, staff will move forward with appropriate efforts regarding signage, etc.


This entire issue has created a massive firestorm among advocates who desire to honor an individual versus those who seek to preserve the name of a rapidly-growing area of Northeast Greensboro.

Both sides of the issue have made well-thought-out and well-considered points to their arguments. Both sides are to be respected. But where I’m from originally, many schools are named after individuals. I realize that schools named after areas or compass directions play a major part in this area and that’s fine. But there’s also no harm in honoring an individual who has made a significant contribution. I think the two can coexist peacefully.

It may be time for the current school naming policy to be reexamined in light of recent events.

E.C. 🙂


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