A Name By Any Other Name…is Not the Same

After a brief hiatus, I’m back.

Apparently, some fireworks while I was away as I see our school board doesn’t know what the policy is on naming schools. Why criticize a policy you’re unsure of, and yet, you’re in charge of helping to write that policy?

Today’s News & Record inks a story on just that, and on how the entire Reedy Fork/Ronald McNair controversy fits in.

See this excerpt:

The board now wants to name schools around the time a school is proposed or designed, member Nancy Routh said.

“That way you don’t get caught saying you were calling a school by a particular name the whole time it was being built,” Routh said.

The board might discuss the policy at a meeting this month or in August, she said.

Some board members also want to depart from the traditional route of naming schools for physical directions or locations and instead honor individuals with local ties.

The board has attempted this three times in the past six months, a change that has pleased and frustrated residents.

E.C. Huey once again shakes his head in dusgust!

E.C. 🙂


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