Officials make shoring up schools a top priority: HPE

Yesterday’s High Point Enterprise reported that at least three unnamed schools in Guilford County face “major restructuring” under No Child Left Behind-Leaves Many Children Behind. See this excerpt:

At least three in the dis­trict are among 2,300 schools nationwide facing a major overhaul of their educational structure under the No Child Left Behind law.
The schools are either in re­structuring – the stiffest and most drastic penalty under NCLB – or are a year away and planning for such extreme ac­tion as firing the principal and replacing teachers.
President Bush’s 2002 edu­cation law, which is up for reauthorization this year, has made education high-stakes work. The law requires every child in every school district in every state across the coun­try to be up to par in reading and math by 2014.
Bush visited a Greensboro school nearly a year ago where he said he would make the “re­authorization and strengthen­ing” of NCLB his “top priority.”
Students will have to under­go at least seven more years of meeting federal testing stan­dards, such as the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) mea­sure, which put certain schools at the mercy of strict penalties. Or worse, they bear labels such as “low-performing,” “at risk” and “failing.” Some education advocates say the labels send a negative message to parents and even students.
“Believe it or not, those kids know how important those tests are and what the scores mean,” said Sandra Harper, a member of the Parent Advoca­cy Project, which aims to bet­ter inform Guilford County families about school-related issues such as NCLB.

Do they, Sandra? To me, I think the test publishing companies, such as Harcourt and Pearson, know more about the stakes than the students because they’re the ones making the big bucks off of NCLB-LMCB!

E.C. 🙂


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