Better Instruction, Not More Time: JLF

In a recently-released report from the Raleigh-based John Locke Foundation, researcher Terry Stoops says North Carolina cannot fix its ailing public school systems by mandating longer school days or a longer school year.

An excerpt:

“The General Assembly has not yet translated chatter about longer school days and a longer school calendar into legislation,” said report author Terry Stoops, JLF Education Policy Analyst. “But both ideas are gaining favor. Like proposals to reduce class size or raise the compulsory school attendance age, these ideas promote facile solutions to complex problems.”

Supporters of the longer school day and longer school year point to practices in other countries, Stoops said. But research into math scores around the globe shows extra instructional time does not translate into higher scores.

“More is not necessarily better,” Stoops said. “American students already receive the equivalent of four more weeks of math instruction than students in the average nation linked to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. But U.S. students’ standardized math test scores rank 27th out of 39 OECD countries.”

The report, and a short roll-up, can be found here.

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