More on the “New” Budget, Lunch Price Increase, and Red-Light Camera $$$

Also cut from this week’s “updated” budget was $100,000 in district funds for student competitions. Today’s High Point Enterprise reports competitions such as Odyssey of the Mind and We the People won’t get any extra funds and board chairman Alan Duncan said individual schools will have to do more to support these kinds of competitions. But Board member Darlene Garrett said: “I hate to see kids not being able to compete.”

Ditto that, Darlene.


School lunches will cost an extra 20 cents this year. A News & Record article says lunches will cost $1.80 in elementary schools, $2.10 in middle schools $2.20 in high schools. Adults will pay for meals a la carte instead of as a meal. Breakfast prices will remain the same. The Board cited more stringent state nutritional guidelines as the impetus for the increase.


High Point Mayor Becky Smothers apparently started a war-of-words over that city being forced to issue a $1 million check to GCS from its red light camera proceeds, according to the High Point Enterprise.

An excerpt:

Mayor Becky Smothers wasn’t pleased by the board’s summary rejection of the city’s request Tuesday night and its demand for full, prompt payment.
“I’m disappointed that they didn’t feel it was worthy of even a conversation,” she said. “Ap­parently, their attorney (Jill Wilson) runs the business.
“We’ll send them an invoice for the road improvements. I certainly hope they spend that million-plus dollars on the needs of the High Point children.”


E.C. 🙂


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