TA/Dropout Prevention News from DPI

See the following from DPI:

Greetings from the Office of the State Board of Education.Due to the flurry of calls and inquiries related to Dropout Prevention
Grants and Teacher Assistants in the 2007 Appropriations Legislation,
additional information has been provided below. If you have further
questions, please contact Rita Joyner, State Board Legislative Liaison, at
919/807-4035 or rjoyner@dpi.state.nc.us.

Dropout Prevention Grants
There is currently no formal grant application process, nor have the
criteria been finalized (although the final criteria will certainly include
those elements spelled out in Section 7.32d of the 2007 budget shown below).
Before any of this can happen, the Speaker, President Pro Tempore, and the
Governor must first appoint members to the Committee on Dropout Prevention.
The Committee will develop the grant process and determine which grants to
award. Once the process is finalized, information will be disseminated to
all interested parties. The General Assembly has instructed the Committee to
issue the grants by Nov. 1, 2007, if possible.

2007 Appropriations Act (Section 7.32d)
SECTION 7.32.(d) Dropout Prevention Grants. The following criteria apply to
dropout prevention grants approved by the Committee established under
subsection (c) of this section.
(1) Grants shall be issued in varying amounts up to a maximum of $150,000.
(2) These grants shall be provided to innovative programs and initiatives
that target students at risk of dropping out of school and that demonstrate
the potential to (i) be developed into effective, sustainable, and
coordinated dropout prevention and re-entry programs in middle schools and
high schools and (ii) serve as effective models for other programs.
(3) Priority shall be given to new programs and initiatives or to those that
have begun within the last five school years.
(4) Grants shall be distributed geographically throughout the State.
(5) Grants may be made to local school administrative units, schools, local
agencies, or nonprofit organizations.
(6) Grants shall be to programs and initiatives that hold all students to
high academic and personal standards.
(7) Grant applications shall state (i) how grant funds will be used, (ii)
what, if any, other resources will be used in conjunction with the grant
funds, (iii) how the program or initiative will be coordinated to enhance
the effectiveness of existing programs, initiatives, or services in the
community, and (iv) a process for evaluating the success of the program or
(8) Programs and initiatives that receive grants under this subsection shall
be based on best practices for preventing students from dropping out of
school or for increasing the high school completion rate for those students
who already have dropped out of school.
(9) Priority for grants shall be given to proposals that demonstrate input
from the local community and coordination with other available programs or
(10) Grantees shall assure their compliance with applicable laws and rules
regulating conflicts of interest.
(11) Grants shall be made no later than November 1, 2007.

Teacher Assistants (TAs)
The budget included a raise of 4 percent for all permanent, full-time
noncertified school employees, which includes TAs. In addition, $1,150,240
was included to ensure that all state-paid teacher assistants are paid at
least the minimum of pay grade 56. In 2006-07, there were 2,504 state-paid
TAs (FTE of 2,369) paid below the grade 56 minimum. Therefore, about 10
percent of state-paid TAs will be receiving a raise to bring them to the
minimum of pay grade 56.

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