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I thought this was interesting…here are some of the search terms you and your friends and neighbors are using to get to this blog site:

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2007-08-21


Search Views
Guilford County Magnet Schools 2
gaston county schools peacemakers 1
math initiative guilford county schools 1


Search Views
sample eog questions 2
NC 8th grade science 2
cartoons/ school reform 2
reedy fork elementary school 1
Preston Angelo 1
“dr. ron rubenzer” 1
lisa cooke “medical leave” guilford 1


Search Views
guilford county nc public school drop ou 2
helen landi, ncdot 1
“Northern Guilford” HS 1


Search Views
simpson school cartoon 2
school in north carolina named sumner 2
southern guilford enrollment 1
north carolina gifted program iq require 1


Search Views
cartoon school teachers 2
start of school cartoon 1
testing conditions cartoon 1
college admission cartoons 1
cartoon math 1
wake county eoc scores 2007 1
Chris Pearson Winston Salem, NC 1


Search Views
deena hayes 2
school discipline cartoon 2
national school salaries 1
safety in schools cartoon 1
reedy fork school greensboro 1


Search Views
task force group on school discipline 2
julie olson nc 2 2007 Huey Guestbook 1
guilford county schools meal prices 1 1
school assessment cartoon 1
alan duncan and guilford schools and dis 1

Spread the word, folks.

E.C. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. I was shocked when I started going over the daily keywords people used to get to my site. It helped opened my eyes to the breadth of problems – and the passion/interest behind them – with my local school system.

    A school executive or board member would do well to have Analytics installed on the school’s website, if only to stay abreast of what people are thinking when they’re searching the web. It will help identify issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. A sharp leader will use this as another tool to keep his fingers on the pulse of the constituency he serves.

    Interesting stuff, isn’t it?

  2. Matt, it’s mind-blowing what kinds of search-engine terms people are using. I think I might start making this info public about once a week. There are current school board members who read this blog, and even when I was away and “out of the loop” for much of the summer, traffic never really dwindled.

  3. Sounds like a good idea. Just last week I posted the local Superintendent’s salary simply because it was a search term that came up constantly.

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