The Five/Six/Seven+-year plan

On the surface, it seems that however long it takes high school students to finish and get a diploma, as long as they get one from somewhere, it’s a good thing. But realize that we fund our public schools with our tax dollars in the hopes (and assumptions) that our children will stay in school and finish in the alloted four years that they are given up front.

I remember Dr. Grier saying (not long ago) something similar, that it might take them  more than four years.

Hence, for your perusal today is a story from the New York Times (click here). Occasionally they have good education stories and this is one of them…the New York City Public School system and Mayor Mike Bloomberg is seeking $31 million in dropout prevention programs, this on top of the $37 million spent already.

An excerpt:

The staggering numbers of those who are far behind cover almost a quarter of the city’s public high school population — students like Sunil Ragoonath, who at 18 had passed barely enough courses at John Adams High School in Queens to be considered a sophomore. He routinely skipped school. “All I had to do was walk out the door,” Mr. Ragoonath said recently.

To get younger students who have failed many classes back on track, Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein has created more than two dozen “transfer schools,” and plans to open as many as 30 more over the next five years. The city also offers them intensive remedial courses.

For students past the traditional graduation age, the city has established special centers to provide counseling, night classes and an environment designed to avoid the stigma of being college age but in class with 14-year-olds. Some students also earn credits through summer school and community college classes.

Boy, doesn’t that sound grossly familiar?

E.C. 🙂


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