DPI to Pilot New School Improvement Model

I may have accidentally broken some news from Raleigh. 

Just learned from this morning’s ABCs/AYPs briefing/conference call from our state Department of Public Instruction that they plan to do something different when it comes to schools entering improvement status.

I posed this question to DPI’s new associate superintendent of innovation and school transformation Robert Logan:

Could you briefly discuss those schools that are in improvement status, and how your assistance/turnaround teams fared this year in those schools, how their presence may have affected scores this year and whether you witnessed any year-over-year trends.

Logan said that DPI is now working with the Boston Consulting Group to institute a new school improvement model to be piloted this year at select elementary and middle schools around the state. If successful, the program will rollout statewide. In these schools that are identified as in improvement status, assistance/turnaround teams will NOT visit these locations, but rather these schools will undergo what Logan calls a “comprehensive assessment.”

This will create a framework for action, will have an intensive action plan, and provide for more customized attention for these schools,” Logan said.

These schools will also have “school transformation coaches,” he added.

These coaches will analyze school assessment, to determine quality assistance necessary. We will pilot this and we will monitor it closely,” Logan said.

Also interesting was DPI Deputy Supt. J.B. Buxton’s response to this:  

Our assistance and turnaround teams were pioneering in the area of school improvement and through their efforts saw overall increases in student achievement when they were at these schools. We’re concerned about sustaining their efforts when these teams leave these schools,” Buxton said.

Having been in a school that underwent improvement (and still is in improvement) status, it is important to know that this process works, is fair to all stakeholders, and benefits both the children and the taxpayers.

But as an aside, I found very little (if anything at all) on this Boston Consulting Group in terms of what it does for education. The only thing I’ve found so far is that they worked with a poverty-reduction think-tank called Pathways to Education in Toronto to reduce high school dropouts (here’s the link for some interesting reading).

I guess time will tell, but you can bet that ole’ Judge Manning is watching all of this with a keen eye.

Official ABCs/AYPs data are due to be released in the coming days.

E.C. 🙂


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