Statement Regarding GCS AYP Data for 06-07

The following is a statement I’m releasing to the media today:

JAMESTOWN/ADAMS FARM (24 August 2007) – 2008 Guilford County Board of Education at-large candidate E.C. Huey released the following statement today regarding Guilford County Schools’ preliminary release of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) results for 2006-07:           

 “I join Guilford County Schools Supt. Dr. Terry Grier in congratulating those schools that showed academic growth this past academic year. I especially want to recognize Principals Lori Bolds from High Point’s Welborn Middle School and Revonda Johnson from High Point Central High School, whose hard work and determination helped to lead the efforts of educators there to meet the federal benchmarks.        

    “Let me also say that in all of our schools, it is the hard work of these teachers, staff, parents and volunteers who make these schools work. I wish to recognize them all, for their task is immense.     

       “I also join Dr. Grier’s urgency that much remains to be done. I’m concerned about schools such as Ben L. Smith High School and T. Wingate Andrews High School, whose efforts to improve this past academic year (despite massive state and local intervention) did not translate into high assessment scores.        

     “It is my desire that in the upcoming academic year, our elected school board will put petty politics aside, brush off those discussions that do little to advance the academics of our children, and instead, put forth a greater effort to put our children first. Our children must not be allowed to fail, and if they do, we as a people have failed them. This cannot happen.       

     “I wish all of our students and staff much luck and success this academic year and I stand ready to help in any way I can.”       

     Huey, 35, is an unofficial candidate for the 2008 at-large position on the Guilford County Board of Education and will officially file for the position when the filing period begins in early 2008. More information about his candidacy, positions, published statements and blog can be found on his official campaign website:


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