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*Congratulations to 2007 Governor’s School Students*
The list of students who completed the 2007 Governor’s School session is
now available online at
http://www.ncgovschool.org/nomination/. The
Governor’s School of North Carolina is a six-week summer residential
program for intellectually gifted high school students, integrating
academic disciplines, the arts, and unique courses on each of the two
campuses: Governor’s School West at Salem College in Winston-Salem and
Governor’s School East at Meredith College in Raleigh. The Governor’s
School is the oldest statewide summer residential program for
academically or intellectually gifted high school students in the
nation. The program, which is open to rising seniors only, with
exceptions made for rising juniors in the performing/visual arts area.

*Online PE Guidelines Help Educators and Administrators to Examine
Virtual Physical Education*
Guidelines to determine if online physical education courses are an
appropriate instructional alternative can be downloaded and reviewed at.
For schools and teachers already offering online physical education
course, these guidelines might serve as a checklist for improving the
quality of physical education for students.  

*New Tools, Resources for Parents and Educators on NCLB Web Site*
The NCLB Web site at
http://www.ncpublicschools.org/nclb/ features new
information tools and resources for educators and parents.

-NCLB Newsletter August 2007 Edition
In this edition you’ll find a feature on 2007-08 Teacher of the Year
James Bell and his school, Chowan Middle, which is working through the
Title I School Improvement process. Other stories include a feature on
new NCDPI associate superintendent Robert Logan and his ideas on NCDPI’s
changing role in offering schools and districts assistance as well as
information on supplemental educational services, accountability, the
Blue Ribbon Commission, calendar items and more.  To view or download
the newsletter please visit

-New NCLB Glossary
The NCLB glossary is updated with definitions specific to how the law is
applied in North Carolina. The interactive glossary defines over 100
NCLB-related terms in an easy-to-understand format.  The glossary is
available at

-Proficiency Target Goals for Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for
This chart, in two downloadable formats, shows North Carolina’s target
goals for Grades 3-8 and Grade 10 in reading and mathematics.  To
download the charts please visit

-Access the Title I Chart Explains Your School’s Journey in Improvement.
This newly-designed chart outlines the consequences for Title I schools
in Improvement.
and throughout the NCLB Web site.  Access the chart by visiting

-FAQs on Public School Choice and SES
Answers to frequently asked questions on public school choice and
supplemental educational services have been updated. The FAQs document
is available at

-AYP Topics for 2007-08
This updated overview of Adequate Yearly Progress in North Carolina
takes the mystery out of what’s new and what’s not. The overview is
available at:
http://www.ncpublicschools.org/nclb/abcayp/overview/ayp .

-Talking Point Suggestions for AYP Results
This is a guide for school leaders of Tschools. The guide includes introductory information on how to best
frame and communicate your school’s status and provides links to
resources providing additional information, handouts, presentations and
parent notification templates.

-Title I School Improvement Presentation  
This 26-slide PowerPoint presentation, appropriate for a parent or staff
audience, covers the basics of Adequate Yearly Progress, entering and
exiting Title I School Improvement, public school choice and
supplemental educational services.  To view or download any of the
presentations visit

-SES Presentation
School and district administrators responsible for overseeing
supplemental educational services (SES) programs can use this new
PowerPoint to help explain how SES works.
This presentation defines supplemental educational services and explains
the different responsibilities of service providers, school districts,
and parents. The presentation includes funding explanations and options
for school districts.

-Title I Brochures
No Child Left Behind: For North Carolina Parents with Students Attending
Title I Schools,” is a good resource for parents who want to know how
NCLB affects their child’s Title I school. The brochure covers
information about academic standards and assessments, public reporting,
Adequate Yearly Progress, Title I parents’ rights to information and
involvement as well as consequences for Title I schools in Title I
Improvement. A brief glossary of NCLB-related terms is included.

-“No Child Left Behind: A North Carolina Parent’s Perspective,” is a
good resource for school leaders to distribute to parents of children
who attend non-Title I schools. The brochure covers how NCLB affects all
schools regarding academic standards and assessments, public reporting,
Adequate Yearly Progress, Highly Qualified teachers and Title I District
Improvement. A brief glossary of NCLB-related terms is included.

*Exceptional Children Web Site Updates*
The Exceptional Children Web site has been updated with a number of new
documents including:
-Dispute Resolution:  All the mediation forms have been updated for 2007
and are available at

-A list of child care centers licensed by the Division of Child
Development that are approved to provide developmental day services is
available on the Allotment and Allocations page at
http://www.ncpublicschools.org/ec/policy/dispute/mediation/ .

-Registration and Exhibitor information is now available for the 57th
Annual Conference on Exceptional Children, Nov. 12-14, 2007, at the
Koury Convention Center in Greensboro.  To learn more about the
conference visit

*Updated Information Available on Compensatory Education Web Site*
The Compensatory Education Web site has also been updated with several
documents including:
-2007-08 Supplemental Educational Service Providers.  School districts
responsible for offering Supplemental Educational Services during the
2007-08 school year may reference the document to access SES provider
information.  To view or download the provider list visit
http://www.ncpublicschools.org/comped/ .

-Presentations from the June 2007 workshops in Hickory, Knightdale and
Rocky Mount are available to review and download.  The presentations
cover a range of topics from Framing Issues for School Improvement to
Restructuring.  The presentations are available at

*New in Publications at NCDPI*

To order, please call 800.663.1250 or visit Publication Sales on the Web

North Carolina Character Education Informational Handbook & Guide II
Since the passing of the Student Citizen Act of 2001, our State
Legislature and our Governor have continued to offer funding to the
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for the support of
Character Education in our schools and communities. In that spirit, we
are proud to make the second edition of the “North Carolina Education
Informational Handbook and Guide” available to you. This handbook has
been updated to offer you a renewed look at the Student Citizen Act of
2001 and to serve as a tool for your continued efforts in implementing
character education into your school of district.

SO143, 2007, $12.00

E.C. 🙂


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