Low scores spur new approach: N&R

As Guilford County students head back to the classroom in less than 24 hours, two high schools will add a new freshman academy.

Dudley H.S., which despite making some modest growth yet failing to make AYP, will add the Johns Hopkins Talent Development model, which includes double-dosing of math and reading. Smith H.S., which also failed to make AYP, will introduce the same model as well.

Andrews and High Point Central H.S. are already using the Johns Hopkins model; Andrews did not make AYP, Central did.

See this News & Record story in today’s edition. An excerpt:

Dudley and Smith have been on a target list of failing schools for two years, and preliminary results indicate they didn’t make federal testing goals again for the 2006-07 school year.

“We’re very pleased with the reform efforts we’ve made,” Superintendent Terry Grier said. “But are we pleased at Smith? Absolutely not. Dudley’s made a lot of progress but we’re not there yet.”

The stakes are also rising for schools across North Carolina as federal and state testing standards become more difficult over time. Already, the state has added 28 high schools to the original list of 35 schools where, for two years straight, fewer than 60 percent of student test scores were passing, said Robert Logan, state associate superintendent of innovation and school transformation.

The reason for the increasingly poor performance? The N.C. Department of Public Instruction introduced new math standards and increased the required number of passing tests last year.

“That’s a double hit our schools took,” Logan said.

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