New advocacy links added to blogroll

I’ve added some of these links merely as a point to show who else out there is advocating for our kids. How some of them are advocating is where I part ways:

1. Give Kids Good Schools ( You’ve been seeing their commercials on TV, mainly on the FOX News Channel. Where I part ways with this group is their linkage with Pearson Education, who’s a prime publisher of textbook materials and No Child Left Behind-Leaves Many Children Behind state exams nationwide.

2. Alliance for Excellent Education ( This site is mentioned on the Give Kids Good Schools site. But on this Alliance site is a link to a recent symposium in Washington focusing on turning around low-performing high schools. Here’s the link.

3. Public Education Network ( Yet, another sister site off of Give Kids Good Schools, they feature a lot of materials on NCLB-LMCB. Here’s where I part with them, however…my position is for NCLB-LMCB to go away. There’s too much government in our schools as is, and as such, there’s entirely too much testing in our classrooms. Leave the responsibility of public education to the states and localities by giving states block grants and let the states decide how to measure accountability without influence and pressure from Washington.

It wasn’t always like this. And yes, there is a better way to do business when it comes to public education. Someone in Washington just needs to take a bold step and just do it.

E.C. 🙂


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