Grier wants better SAT preparation: N&R

Reactive. The opposite of proactive.

That can characterize Terry Grier’s response following news that GCS’ SAT scores fell miserably. Furthermore, he tells the News & Record this morning that he will meet with school brass today to figure out what to do.

An excerpt:

Grier will likely talk with his staff about offering online tutorials or a districtwide preparation course for high school juniors, he said.

Guilford students scored an average 985 on the math and reading portions of the test, a 9-point drop from last year. Eleven high schools saw their combined scores drop, including Grimsley, High Point Central, Northeast and Northwest high schools. Eight saw them rise, including Dudley, Middle College at N.C. A&T and Ragsdale.

I have a friend, who’s a supporter of this campaign, a regular reader of this Blog, and a newly-retired GCS teacher. This teacher taught an “SAT Prep” class at a high-impact high school here in Guilford County. She was a good teacher. They also had access to the software (correction…that is, when the software worked, or when she could get the class into the computer lab or when the lab had working computers)…see where I’m going with this, folks?

Enough with the spin…again, we have to ask ourselves the prevailing question: what is GCS going to do about it?

E.C. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Doing well on the SAT is the result of a combination of things but foremost is a sound education. To hear our Superintendent say that he will beef up “preparation courses” tells me that this highly paid man just doesn’t understand the education process. Sure, an SAT prep course can up your score by a few points, in some cases there has been even 100 pt. increases, but the basis is a SOUND education. Now speaking just hypothetically, if I were a superintendent and I wanted to increase how students did on the SAT, I would make sure they could all read and write first… teaching to the test is a bit late, Terry.

  2. That’s the problem, “B”, there’s too much emphasis and pressure on teaching to these tests. And it is burning out a lot of our teachers because they’re being told (almost directly) to teach the test. Stop teaching the test…teach the curriculum and everything will fall into place.

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