In touch…not out of touch

I’ve gotten into “trouble” earlier in the year for “giving Board member Deena Hayes too much ink.”

I’ve struggled with the decision for making light of what I’m about to say, but this has to be said, and I’m saying it only in context of our Board members being in touch…not out of touch. Too many of them are out of touch. And that’s reflective in their decision-making.

Case in point…at the last Board meeting during a discussion of capital improvements relative to the proposed 2008 bond package, the subject of adding a new air conditioning system to the gymnasium at Smith H.S. was brought up. Hayes said in dialogue: “I’m sorry, maybe it’s my ignorance, but I was unaware that the gym at Smith wasn’t air conditioned.”

Did anyone else catch that also late in the meeting?

This is significant because Smith is one of the schools she represents. It didn’t make AYP…it hasn’t made AYP. Judge Manning has threatened to yank this school out of Grier’s hands. If I were Deena Hayes, I would know/learn every single closet in this school and know every staff member by name.

But many staff, past and present, have never seen her walk through the halls. It’s discouraging. Many of them have become supporters of this campaign.

I’m not beating up on Deena Hayes. But I am saying that of all schools she represents, this should be a prime facility she should know.

Be in touch, not out of touch.

E.C. 🙂 


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