The Test Prep Factory is Open

It’s only the 6th day of school and our EOC/EOG test prep factories are already opened.

Here’s a website a teacher sent me this morning and asked for my opinion:

StudyIsland” is an online web-based test prep service operating in a number of states including North Carolina that is seeking to make a profit to aid schools, students and teachers in test prep.

It’s only the 6th day of school.

I think a good discussion in ethics is appropriate here. Companies like this, and Pearson, and others are attempting to make a profit at the expense of the over-testing of our children, but when the schools can’t make the scores, who wins? The test-prep companies still make out like bandits. And I’m not talking about Kaplan or those test prep companies who coach for the AP/ACT/SATs. I’m talking about these ventures who are paid big bucks by school systems statewide (GCS included) to come in and help teachers and students with test-taking tools.

It’s only the 6th day of school. I don’t like it.

Here is a link to a story CBS-2 WFMY did on Study Island earlier this year. Watch the video.

E.C. 🙂


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